GM1100-1900 Servo Control High Speed Sheet Cutting Machine

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This machine can cut paper from roll to sheet.1.Unwind pneumatic brake, comparing with magnetic powder brake, it has longer life and more controlling precision. 2.Shaftless hydraulic loading which can lift heavy roll. 3.Equipped with anti-curve device to prevent paper from getting curve during cutting. 4.Equipped with paper pre-pressing device to make the pressing roll moving vertically, ensure proper positioning of feeding paper, and reduce the phenomenon of paper creping 5.Equipped with upper,lower and back cutting knife, the cutting part is covered in safety cover, when the safely cover is open, machine will stop automatically. 6.Equipped with automatic adjustment system of paper edges and corners 7.HMI operation which is convenient, you can input cutting length and quantity 8.Equipped with static electric elimination device 9.Equipped with paper conveying device to increase the stability of paper and avoid inclination 10.Equipped with automatic paper alignment and collection equipment 11.Equipped with automatic counting label insert equipment to realize sheet replenish function of non-conforming products. 12.The whole driving system is servo motor control, high precision.
Model GM1100/1400/1700/1900
Cutting type Upper knife cut reciprocally and down knife fixed
Paper thickness 60-550GSM
Max roll diameter 1500mm(GM1100)1800mm(GM1400/1700/1900)
Max roll width 1100/1400/1700/1900mm
Cutting length 450-1450mm(GM1100)450-1600mm(GM1400/1700/1900)
Cutting format 2 sheet
Cutting precision Cutting length≤1000mm:±0.5mmcutting length>1000mm:±0.1%
Max cutting speed 350 cut/min
Max cutting meter speed 350m/min
Max paper pilling height 1300mm(GM1100)1500mm(GM1400/1700/1900))
Air request 0.8Mpa
Weight 11000/13000/15000/17000kg
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1.Hydraulic EPC device in unwind part 2.Vertical slitting to slit big width roll into small width roll and slit waste edge away at two sides

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